Hey! Its Alex

I started Divine Business Management as a virtual assistant freelance business where I helped entrepreneurs in the daily tasks they THOUGHT they needed to make money in their business (social media scheduling, customer service, sending out blogs and newsletters)

Eventually, I started working on helping my clients in creating their funnels and launches which taught me that the money isn’t within the small daily tasks, the money is in creating the offer, pushing it out there, then seeing if you can evergreen it into a forever product and always make money from it.

Look, you have a business to run. You have clients to coach. Designing sales pages, setting up automation, and coming up with launching strategies (then implementing them) should NOT be on your to-do list.

This is what our clients are able to do when they work with us:

  • Concentrate on taking care of their current coaching clients
  • Have more time for vacations, family outings, and Netflix nights.
  • Make thousands in passive revenue.
  • Close coaching package sales for their 1:1 services
  • Come up with more kick-ass offers for their audience (courses, group programs, retreats, memberships) and we actually help them make it happen)


how we are different

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