So I could tell you that going through Leadpages is the best way to go for your business, but I would be wrong for telling you that. I have been working with Clickfunnels for sometime, I even told people about it before I even decided to become an affiliate and use it for my own business. (My mistake because I would be making some good money with those affiliates LOL )

I know that before getting into Clickfunnels, you probably want to know exactly how to work it. How do you make sure you can be successful with it? So here is a beginner’s guide to Clickfunnels to help you.

Clickfunnels is what I like to say Thinkific, Leadpages, and Sam Cart all put together. It helps you build your list, sell your programs/products, and helps you streamline your marketing. Many online coaches are using it to help them automate their business and the money they make.

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When you first get Clickfunnels, they provide you with 5 free funnels that they created for you. This is one cool thing about clickfunnels that people don’t realize.. Russell Brunson is giving you funnels that have worked for him to make him millions and have helped many other Clickfunnels people to promote their own business and sell millions.

Utilize this by hacking this for your own business.


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Ask any of my clients, I don’t use the templates but thats because I prefer “pretty” looking opt ins but feel free to use the templates because these are templates that are used by many clickfunnels people that are making great money even with an “ugly” opt in page.


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Want to put your online course somewhere and not be confused on the tech? Clickfunnels is by far the easiest and high quality ways to host your course or memberships that you want to create or already have. You can easily add lessons with videos, homework assignments, and much more!


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If you want specifics for your analytics as to who is looking, who is opting in, and who is buying you will get that inside of Clickfunnels new analytics. I love that I can go in and pick specific dates to see if maybe a post I did made the traffic went up. See if I need to tweak my headlines because the opt in or sales page isnt working, etc.

As you can see above, you will see “All” and “Unique” the difference is that the ALL includes everyone who has seen the page no matter if one person looked at 5 times, the ALL will show all of those 5 times. However, the unique is only counting them 1 time. Your “count” is how many people opted in, and your rate is the conversion rate.

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