The Beginners Guide To ClickFunnels

The Beginners Guide To ClickFunnels

So I could tell you that going through Leadpages is the best way to go for your business, but I would be wrong for telling you that. I have been working with Clickfunnels for sometime, I even told people about it before I even decided to become an affiliate and use it for my own business. (My mistake because I would be making some good money with those affiliates LOL )

I know that before getting into Clickfunnels, you probably want to know exactly how to work it. How do you make sure you can be successful with it? So here is a beginner’s guide to Clickfunnels to help you.

Clickfunnels is what I like to say Thinkific, Leadpages, and Sam Cart all put together. It helps you build your list, sell your programs/products, and helps you streamline your marketing. Many online coaches are using it to help them automate their business and the money they make.

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When you first get Clickfunnels, they provide you with 5 free funnels that they created for you. This is one cool thing about clickfunnels that people don’t realize.. Russell Brunson is giving you funnels that have worked for him to make him millions and have helped many other Clickfunnels people to promote their own business and sell millions.

Utilize this by hacking this for your own business.


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Ask any of my clients, I don’t use the templates but thats because I prefer “pretty” looking opt ins but feel free to use the templates because these are templates that are used by many clickfunnels people that are making great money even with an “ugly” opt in page.


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Want to put your online course somewhere and not be confused on the tech? Clickfunnels is by far the easiest and high quality ways to host your course or memberships that you want to create or already have. You can easily add lessons with videos, homework assignments, and much more!


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If you want specifics for your analytics as to who is looking, who is opting in, and who is buying you will get that inside of Clickfunnels new analytics. I love that I can go in and pick specific dates to see if maybe a post I did made the traffic went up. See if I need to tweak my headlines because the opt in or sales page isnt working, etc.

As you can see above, you will see “All” and “Unique” the difference is that the ALL includes everyone who has seen the page no matter if one person looked at 5 times, the ALL will show all of those 5 times. However, the unique is only counting them 1 time. Your “count” is how many people opted in, and your rate is the conversion rate.

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Why Your Sales Funnel SUCKS, And How You Can Fix It

Why Your Sales Funnel SUCKS, And How You Can Fix It

So your funnel sucks? Are you feeling like your funnel isn’t giving you the money you thought or isn’t acting like a system to nurture your audience in the correct way so its not booking you sales calls?

That’s okay, because I fix and create funnels for a living!

So let’s run through the commons mistakes people make and why their funnels end up SUCKING!

1. Traffic

This is the BIGGEST reason why your funnel could not be working. Are you consistently putting out your freebie? How do you expect people to buy from you or opt in on your funnel if you arent even showing them what it is, and where it is. Just because its in your Facebook page sign up button and your link inside of your Instagram bio, doesn’t mean people know about it. You have to at least be talking about it one time per day.

2. Your Content

When your promoting your freebie, are you making sure to hit their pain points? If you aren’t hitting their pain points and rebuilding their belief systems, you can best believe they won’t opt in! Make sure your content for your freebie is ALWAYS hitting their problems that they are having, and how your freebie can help them.

3. Your Freebie SUCKS Or Your Trip Wire SUCKS!

Not just sucks, but the most common mistake I see with online entrepreneurs is that they are making trip wires and freebies THEY think their clients need. If your audience doesn’t know that is something they want or need, they wont opt in and they definitely won’t buy! Always do market research with some of your ideal clients to see if your freebie and trip wire subject is something they would be interested in before creating it and putting it out there!

4. Your Offers Aren’t Cohesive

If you have a freebie that talks about Instagram hashtags, a trip wire that talks about branding to attract clients, and your core offer is a website design you are just ALL over the place and people won’t see you as an expert in one field. If you want to make multiple funnels, thats fine but make sure each offer has the same subject all the way through and is cohesive!! So if your a website designer, you would create a freebie that helps someone write content for their site, then for your trip wire you would have a masterclass on having branding place like logos, fonts, and colors so they know what kind of website they want, and then your core offer is your website design packages.


5 Things I Did That Changed By Biz

5 Things I Did That Changed By Biz

1. Hired A Biz Coach

Not only just a business coach, because you could hire any business and you wouldn’t get the same results. When I was thinking of hiring a business coach, I had to make sure of 3 things that the business coach had for me to hire.

A. Already living a lifestyle/business that aligned with the goals I wanted to achieve. Your business coach should be having a life and business that are the same as your GOALS, if they aren’t then they won’t be able to help you achieve those goals.

B. Had the same ideal clients I have (that made sure that my business coach knew EXACTLY who my ideal client was and knew what I should put in my copy, etc)

C. Be a Biz Bestie. If the sales call with your coach is completely awkward, you shouldn’t be hiring them. If you don’t think this person can be your bestie and support you during those hard times, then don’t hire them!

2. OFFICIALLY Hired A Virtual Assistant

Officially hiring my VA on her regular basis versus just having her do a project here and there, made me uplevel my business 100%. I was completely investing in something that I knew if I hired her, I had to really give her work that I hated doing or that I didn’t have time to do. The biggest tasks that I have given her more is like 1) scheduling social media 2) figuring out my Pinterest 3) Clients projects that I didnt have the time for, or I got sick but it needed to get done.

3. Started Making more Products/Freebies

This is HUGE, because when I first changed by business into “Sales Funnel Creator” I had to change my freebie too. So I made a quick little sales funnel checklist. The checklist is still good, people still opt in on it, but it wasn’t like hundreds of people were saying “YES! I NEED THIS NOW”. So I had to switch things up, I tried doing webinars, I tried doing a opt in ideas document, but the killer one has been my Mini Course: Funnels For Queens. I also started doing more masterclasses, I created an actual course: 30 Days To Your First Funnel. The more stuff I did, it allowed me to figure out what my audience likes= MORE $$, MORE Subscribers

4. Made More Connections

When I worked with my Business Coach, I was on the road from San Diego to Arizona to look at some dream homes. I asked her to give me some homework while I was on the road (don’t worry, hubby was driving), and so she told me to connect with 50 people. I got rid of thinking about the money though when I started making these connections. I just asked them about them, their story, who they were, what they do, etc. Eventually this allowed them to learn about me, some of them became VIP clients, some not. Most of it though had to do with planting a seed. They got to know who I am, and what I do, and when they need what I do, they can message me.

5. Posted More In Facebook Groups

Not just promo posts, but educational and inspirational posts too. I usually post once a month in a group that allows promos with one of my freebies. There are 2 groups that I post in ONLY education and inspiration in ONCE A DAY! I want people to just become aware of my face, my name, my brand, and what I do (it doesn’t have to always be promotion, promotion, promotion).

You have to learn to invest in yourself if you want to uplevel in your business. You have to be aware to not always think about the MONEY MONEY MONEY. When you do these things, you will explode your business to new heights!

In the comments below, tell me ONE thing you did in your business that exploded your business…