Are your open rates low? Maybe your wondering why people aren’t clicking the links to your emails? Email marketing is getting tougher and tougher especially since everyone and their mother (including mine) is building their list. About 3-5 years ago, freebies were only being done by the BIG dogs, and now it seems like everyone is doing them.

Along that comes with tons of freebies, comes with less subscribers, and less people looking at your emails BECAUSE THERE IS TOO MANY!

So how do you stand out? How do you stand out as that one email that should be looked at within someone’s inbox?

1. Have a good subject line

A subject line is how you get people to open the door to your email. Without having them open, you can bet your butt that they can’t read your actual email (DUH!!).

So what do you do to get them through that door? How in the HECK do you get them to click your email?

Get a subject line that is SUPER catchy something that gets them to say “yup! gotta read this!”

Here is a quick list of some good subject lines you can fill in the blank with:

How to ____

5 Ways to ____

From ____ to _____

10 Ways That I ______

Now I could keep going but let’s get real and just say that the way to have a good subject line is to ask a question, teach someone something, send something inspirational, and this…

2. Put emoji’s on your subject line

Emoji’s are a great way these days to catch the eye in someone’s inbox. Look, as humans are eyes are super visual and we aren’t meant to just look at paragraphs and words all day. Use an emoji that makes it super noticeable to the eye! To grab an emoji on your desktop I use: (note: make sure to send a test to yourself before sending out to your list to make sure the emoji works)

3. Write like you typically would on social media

Your emails don’t have to be super professional with the typical “Hello, Mrs. Smith.” “sincerely”. Just STOP.. treat your emails like you would on your social media, its just a different platform. Again, put in some emoji’s, just WRITE LIKE YOU! Not only write like you, but make sure to space it out like you would with social media.

Space it out.

4. Be Unique

If you don’t like writing, then don’t do it! Keep it super unique as possible. Throw in some pictures, gifs, emojis, etc. (I already can see some email marketers saying “NOOOO!”, but thats because your deliverability can drop. As long as you don’t put too many pictures and turn all spammy YOU WILL BE FINE!