Have you ever been fishing?

You have to wait for the fish to swim by, notice your bait, see if they’re interested in that bait, they have to bite your hook and then you can reel them in. Creating a warm audience is like using a large net instead of a line. You head over to an area where there are fish hanging out and then catch them with a net.

Target Facebook ads to people who are likely to engage with you. A person that is part of a warm audience and already knows and likes you is much more likely to become a lead. If your ads are pitching to get leads from people that don’t know you and trust you, you’re wasting your time and money.

Here is how to get started:

If you aren’t already doing Facebook Live videos, start now, to build up your audience.

Pick a schedule of once a day or once a week to start out with. You need to create as many videos as you can to build up interest. Having a regular schedule allows interested people to hop onto Facebook and know you’re going to be there when you’re scheduled to be there. You want those fish to show up every time you do a Facebook Live. If you’re already doing Facebook Live Videos, you’re ahead of the game. Make sure you have a backlog of several videos before you start this process. You’re also going to create a gallery of videos for your Facebook page and your website, for the fish that miss your net the first time.

Boost Facebook Live Videos from $38-$200 each to a new cold audience.

The goal here isn’t to capture leads. Without a warm, toasty, interest list, you can’t do lead conversion ads yet. Pitch your interest building video to a lookalike audience. If you haven’t used one before, that means is that you have a list of existing customers, people who have liked your page or visited your webpage. Build an audience to look at your videos based on the audience you already have. You have a few fish already at your disposal, but you want more. You’re getting a group of like-minded and hopefully interested people together based on the likes and interests of those who already know about you and trust you.

Once you have a few Live videos done, you can begin targeting those that have watched the video.

Create another Video Lookalike Audience who have watched your video. You can pick how long they have to watch the video, 3-10 seconds or a percentage of time. Choose the time frame. I recommend starting with the last 10-15 days, but adjust that to how long you’ve been putting up Facebook Lives. Create another Audience of people that have engaged with your Instagram posts. Pick the country you do most of your business in and the size of the audience that you want. Facebook will calculate the audience size and the estimated Reach. Make adjustments to your settings, I’d start with 1% and increase the size when you want to expand.

Create an ad for your opt-in page that targets the Custom Audience you created.

You have a warm audience of people who know you and are beginning to trust you. They’ve watched your videos and they’re starting to become engaged with you by watching your videos. They’re much more likely to click on your ad and opt-in to your sales page. You aren’t putting out your line for just one fish, you’re spreading out your net to reach more of them at the same time. 

P.S don’t forget to exclude the people who have opted in already so you don’t reach them again in your opt in ad.

Here’s a step-by-step of how to create a Lookalike Audience:

  1. Log into Facebook Ad Manager


Click on the words Ad Manager in the top left corner.

Click on the Audiences dropdown

  1. Click on Create a Lookalike Audience

3. Upload your csv export file from your email provider on “Create Custom Audience” under “Customer File”

4. After its done uploading it will allow you to create a lookalike audience.

I choose: 1%, United States

5. Click ‘Create Audience’

This is the audience you should be using for your Facebook Lives

Here’s a step-by-step of how to create the retarget audience:

  1. Log into Facebook Ad Manager


2. Go to ‘Audiences’

3. Click “Create Custom Audiences”

4. Click “engagement”

5. Click “Video”

6. Click on the videos you want to retarget the people who watched them

7. In the past 10-15 days

8. Create Audience

This audience is the one you will use for your opt in ad.

Your ad spend should go down and your conversion rate should go up. Happy Fishing!