Creating a Facebook ad can get tricky. You want it to be an ad that gets great engagement so that it reaches more people. How do you do that though when the ad isn’t a post or a ladder post?

p.s a ladder post is a post that basically allows for your post to get to the top people’s news feed because you set it up to say something like “Want to grab my this training for free? Comment “heck yes!” and I will send you the link”

Lately, I have been doing a lot of testing when it comes to Facebook ads and sales funnels. Lots of no-no’s and now have figured out a really good Facebook ad that catches a ton of engagement like a ladder post would do.

Here is how I did it:

Step One: Write The Post

  1. Write a post that is just like a ladder post. Here is an example:

2. Instead of the (by writing in the comments below “finish it Alex” and i’ll send you the sign up link.)  write (by writing in the comments below “finish it        Alex” and I my robot will send it over.)

3. Publish the post on your page (once you do this you need to do the next steps FAST)

Create your chatbot

  1. Go to
  2. Create a growth tool called “Facebook Comments”
  3. Add in the post that you just published on your page
  4. Put the keyword you want people to comment
  5. For the autoresponse say something like: “YAY! So happy you are interested in my upcoming workshop: NAME OF WEBINAR. Type the word “thekeyword” below to sign up!
  6. Go to the next step for the opt in actions, click the option “Send only to users who reply with a keyword “
  7. Edit the opt in message (you will have to save before doing this)
  8. Get rid of what the chat bot automatically puts there and instead put “Click below to sign up”
  9. Save and publish


Create The Facebook Ad

Now its time to go into your ads manager.

With this you will just create an ad with the objective being “engagement”. Put it to the audience you think your ideal client is. When you get to the ad portion, click the post that you published. Then you should be done!!!

You’re Done!

If you do this.. make sure to comment below with the link so I can see what it looks like and give you any feedback!!

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