Funnels.. funnels.. funnels.

Almost everyone I know dreads the notion of funnels and email marketing, but this is something I OBSESS over!

I love watching funnels come together (its like pieces of a puzzle coming together) by taking the AMAZING,creative ideas our clients come up with like group programs, memberships, courses, retreats, and so much more and getting them from just ideas and transforming them into actual offers that are selling out like donuts (who doesn’t love donuts?)

WARNING: Not everyone is meant to have a funnel! The way you become successful in your business might not be funnels (and that’s okay). If you aren’t ‘feeling’ funnels, I recommend to try something else like just things that are super fun to you before you move into learning about sales funnels.

Here is my blueprint to creating an email sequence that SELLS (not just one that builds your list)

This is my normal strategy behind writing email sequences for funnels:

Email #1: Welcome & Nurturing

This is where you give them your freebie you promised them, introduce yourself and how you can help them, send them to a community (Facebook group) ,what they should expect from you the next few emails.

Email #2: Either Educating or storytelling

You want to nurture your audience to start getting the know,like, trust factor to set in for your subscribers. K,L,T factor will get them to eventually buy. With this email you can either tell them a story about you or you can educate them on something that you can help them with. (tip: sometimes I repurpose a really good blog post, video, or social media post from the past)

Email #3: Another Educating or storytelling

Same reason as before, we need to get your subscriber to get to know you.

Email #4: Soft sell the people that didn’t purchase your tripwire product in the beginning of the funnel.

Normally how you do a funnel it goes: Freebie Opt In Page > Sales Page For A Digital Product > Order Form > Thank You

(depending on the funnel, you can more that what’s above, but I want to keep this as simple as possible and not confuse you with upsells, downsells, and other meaningless funnel alien language to you)

When it comes to email #4, for the people who didn’t purchase your trip wire in the beginning you want to give them another chance to do so. I also like doing this just because they didn’t really know you before so it’s a possibility thats the reason why they didn’t purchase in the beginning but since they have known you for 2-5 days now you can give them another chance to purchase. This part can cause confusion on how to separate the people that purchased vs people who haven’t so if you need help in figuring that piece out I created a quick video tutorial to help you do the triggering on Activecampaign to separate those people within the email sequence, click here.

Email #5 & #6: More Nurturing

Use this for more educating, nurturing, storytelling, and testimonials. (warm them up for the sale your about to shoot at them in the next emails.

Email #7: Invite them to your ultimate offer (core offer)

This is where you get them to know more about the offer you have been wanting them to purchase or get. Whether you want them to schedule a discovery call with you or have them purchase your course this is where you get them into buying it.

Email #8: Last chance

Let them know this is their last chance to purchasing your core offer.

Make sure for the last 2 emails of your sequence you trigger them to make sure you aren’t sending them to people who have already purchased the core offer. To trigger, click here for my tutorial.

There you go! Your email sequence of love to your subscribers to transform them into actual paying clients.